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Toughjobs Digital Marketing

Toughjobs Digital Marketing specializes in simple digital marketing solutions for complex markets. Toughjobs specializes in small to medium sized businesses who want extend their market share by increasing their client base and developing on those relationships to make long last customers and friends.

Positioning your business in the best possible light is every business owners goal. What interferes with that particular goal is messaging, or how clients perceive your website and/or business. Allow Toughjobs to sculpt your companies message in a concise and reader friendly content marketing.

Toughjobs Digital Marketing has the ability to create your website, your business cards, your pamphlets, promotions, pay per click marketing (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO) and every other means of getting your customers to come through your door. We can even overhaul your message and bring it into to the future today. Click below to find out how we can help your business.

Website Design

Don’t let your Website Design become an Expensive Business Card! Cheap websites may look good but they won’t help you rank AT ALL! These Advertising Companies OWN your website and your CONTENT & CUSTOMERS. They do not build any value in your website!

Many industry website design companies will RENT you their crappy sites for a monthly fee. These rental options are worthless because you are only paying for advertising fees which could be going to proven methods of bringing in clients organically.

Website Design

Website Design/Development is an essential component for your marketing budget. If your website is not getting traffic you most certaintly have only 1 problem….HUMAN ERROR! Human Error is 100% of ALL reasons why your site is not being visited.?Toughjobs is staffed by Marketing and Programming Professionals who make sure your marketing edeavors are properly implemented.

Allow us to show you how to get more business by implementing extensive scientific research to your website!

Branding & Logo

A Successful Business has a compelling idea. Your brand is what identifies you from the rest of your competition. Branding is essential to solidify your hardwork you’ve implemented to KEEP & ATTAIN clients. Equally it’s important so you may outlast your competition. If your business modal is efficient, profitable, and alluring it will be exponentially more difficut to dethrone your business endeavor. Successful companies and business minded individuals are like “weeds”, they wind themselves throughout the community building and annexing other businesses.

Content Strategy

Successful writen content for a keyword phrase not only needs to be supported by LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) is a fancy word for supporting keywords. If your “keyword” is the Lead Actor in a movie the LSI keywords are the Supporting Actors. These keywords will relate to your main keyword. These supporting keywords give your page topic more relevance because they are used often on other websites to help describe similar items.?
To summize…you can’t just write pages on your product or service without knowing all the other keywords that are needed in helping to describe the main item. Without them you are only painting half of a picture for Google Spiders to understand your site.

Website Development

Website Development involves all the components necessary for making a marketable web site or marketing platform. You may already have “The Best Website”, but do you have the best Web Development.

Development is so important because it acknowledges the many IMPORTANT facets that are needed for an effective marketing strategy. Touhgjobs Digital Marketing wants to assess all those important niches which make up a complete site.

Built From Scratch

Building your Site with code rather than templates and WordPress has many advantages! You are building a site that can minimize redundancies in code and therefore make your website FASTER! Check out our Blog Post regarding Website?Speed and Optimization.

Choose a Premade Template

Small Businesses should really stick with WordPress & Templates for your website. The biggest reason is because as a business owner you have to wear many “hats”. You absolutely should learn the basics of adding content/blog articles to your own site. “But, I’m not a programer!” WordPress makes it incredibly easy to add your Words, Thoughts, and Ideas to any article, button, link, call-to-action, etc… Learning a few simple tasks will shave tens of thousands of dollars off your business bills.

Maintenance & Updates

“My website is done and now I just sit back and watch the money roll in!” Egos are a good thing to have, but in business they could be your biggest downfall. We talk to thousands of clients who have been ripped off by shady companies who build them a site than run! It’s incredible important to have sort of monthly maintenance your Web Developer Provides in case of emergency, updates, modifications, securty, etc… The biggest problem that websites have is that they are comprised of tens of thousands of programs that all need to work together. There will be a need for programming modification. Check out our Maintenance Packages for websites and mobile apps.

Toughjobs Marketing

Market Your Website

Just because your Website is live doesn’t mean anyone will find your business.

It’s essential after your site is properly built that Google and the rest of the world know you are open for business. Toughjobs has a detailed process of placing your website on “Front Street”.

Toughjobs start by setting up, or updating your “Google My Business” profile for local customers. Our team will setup your Pay Per Click profile for “low hanging fruit”.

Finding affordable keywords to market with PPC is fast and easy website attention. After a week, we will re-analyze our program on your site and reprogram your site for better gains. We will do this until we know everything is perfect.

Toughjobs Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The art of ranking your website higher is the New Century technique for increasing your marketing advantage online.

Google Demands clear cut ways for websites to lay out their website and looks at hundreds of other factors which may perceive your site’s authority relating your websites material.

Toughjobs Digital Marketing will assess your marketing program from digital analytics attained from priotary software set up oversee our outreach.



Pay Per Click

Per Per Click (PPC) marketing is essential to include your marketing budget.

By tackling keyword phrases with low cost per click (CPC) a business owner can influence and create a huge market advantage.

Also, by focussing PPC on keyword phrases that aren’t Googled as frequently you can put off adding additional pages on your website. Google doesn’t like pages that get no traffic.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the “Golden Pill” every marketing budget should include.

Imagine sparking the interest of all your clientele with the help of great graphic and design and a purpose.

Utilizing Email Marketing is the best way to keep your marketing budget affordable. Not only that but this method can sell and/or upsell any package.

There is no better way to brand your company and build that essential connection between customer and “friend”.


Social Media Marketing

Finding Leaders and Influencers in your Local Area can make all the difference in the world. Make sure you have a weekly plan to keep your friends close and the nay sayers closer.

Toughjobs Will help you tackle your Social Media Program so you will be the leader in your area. Our goal is to show you everything you need to be successful online.

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