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Website Templates or Custom Web Design

Pick a Template Web Design or Custom Webiste?

Let Toughjobs put your mind at ease. Please consider a template as a rough guide to your new website. Change the colors, design, images, but keep the templates “foundation” only.

Want to save some money?

Pick a template that is perfect. We will only change the text. For an additional price we will even use Toughjobs SEO Services to rank your website on day one of it’s existance into Google. We will optimize and index only the pages you request.

Check out our Website Templates and Website Site Organizer. Save one to two hundred dollars by showing us exactly what you want!


Our pre-made Layouts make it easy for any business owner to choose a design that will work for them. Choose from an ever-increasing range of pre-made layouts, specially designed to cover all genre of commerce, from corporate designs, e-commerce and portfolio layouts, we have something to suit whatever business you’re looking to build a website for.

If you don't want to build your site we programmers standing by to make your site a reality. Satisfaction is Always guaranteed when you choose the look and style you like.

Click To See All Our Web Templates




  • Divi Layouts for Restaurants
  • Divi Layouts for Lawyers
  • Divi Layouts for Construction
  • Divi Layouts for Industry
  • Divi Layouts for Consultants
  • Divi Layouts for Companies
  • Divi Layouts for Freelancers
  • Divi Layouts for Insurance
  • Divi Layouts for Agencies
  • Divi Layouts for landing pages designed for high conversions
    Browse Corporate Website Templates

  • Layouts for Photographers
  • Layouts for Web Designers
  • Layouts for Products
  • Layouts for Design Studio
  • Layouts for Agencies
  • Layouts for Creative Studios
  • Layouts for Freelancers
  • Browse Portfolio Website Templates


  Build your own website and save hundreds. More importantly decide where you want everything organized and have it all laid out with simple drag and drop simple to use programming.

Build Your Own Website / Start & We'll Finish

Hover over black line on left. Click on site modules you want to include in your site. Scroll to find your option and drage it to your desired place.

When fished, copy the section numbers in the top left. Email Us your section choices and we will finish your site in no time. Start thinking about some good content to add and let us know.


Websites for Businesses who get their hands dirty. Construction, HVAC, Landscaping, Concrete, General Contractors, Architecture, Electrician, Plumber, Tree Trimming, Painter, Plasterers, Dry Wall, Interior Decorators, Etc...

Toughjobs handcrafts each website we build to what will help each of our clients get the most out of their sites. We can integrate and simplify almost any process and save you time and money. Give Toughjobs a call and make your business Tough!

Toughjobs has many years in the medical marketing business and we can help your marketing approach pop.

Websites and Marketing are only a few of the ways Toughjobs can improve your business. We like to focus on the whole business so each improvement will alleviate tension from multiple pain points in your business. If we can help you streamline your business you will have more time to concentrate on patient/client care.

Pick Through Some of the Web Templates Above

If you can’t find what your are looking for find an example online and we will emulate your favorite sites

Want to save some money? By Choosing “Build Your Own”, You are able to design the layout of your site and save our builders time and you money! Check it out above.

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Website Design

Toughjobs knows web design! Toughjobs Digital Marketing is a leading internet marketing agency in Northern California. We still build websites for our customers so they may run their business for today and tomorrow. Your website will be created with your help and by our dedicated team of well versed graphic designers. They are familiar with the newest UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) elements.

Graphic Design industry changes every day and artists need to keep up with the latest and greatest in design styles. Some styles may look flashy but they may only confuse your customer and they may be more troublesome and make it difficult for search engine spiders to properly understand your site. How search engine crawlers comprehend your site can be life or death for a business.

Toughjobs team knows that first impressions are vital. They give clients and customers that important sense of security that is needed for them to trust you and have them feel good about their purchase. Also, it delivers that ever so important Branding impact needed to keep customers to keep coming back.

Digital Marketing

At Toughjobs each website goes through a basic to moderate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standard before it’s published. Unfortunately, for us and customers SEO takes exponentially more time than to design a website.

The best-looking website’s biggest enemy… is one that is not properly optimized. Without optimization, it’s like a diamond that is buried deep under the earth. It’s completely worthless until it’s excavated and polished. Toughjobs has many digital marketing services and packages for new and seasoned websites. We have plans for all to afford

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Our SEO Pros & Website Designers will outline our detailed and methodical method of assuring your website is designed perfectly and ready to be properly introduced to Google and the world. All’s we need is your permission.

SEO is not a magic pill that website owners can easily swallow and forget about all your marketing problems. SEO and Digital Marketing are like steroids for muscles, but your website! We know for muscles to get big, and stay big they need to be worked out religiously. Toughjobs understands money doesn’t grow on trees, or from websites. We have many programs that grow and shrink depending on your business and financial abilities. Some months will be better than others, but what is important is that you allocate some “protein” to make your website’s muscles to grow.


Special Event Websites

Phase 1: Planning
  • Strategy and Project?Discussion: Discuss business goals, budgets, expectations.
  • Stakeholders Meeting Internally: Talk with all parties who have a say in your marketing endeavors.
  • Specifications Outline: Collection of external factors and data relating to your business.
  • Technology Outline: Understanding all of your capablilities and hardware.
Wedding Websites

Would you be shocked if someone said their wedding photos weren’t very good? Toughjobs Digital Marketing also specializes in wedding photography and capturing every wedding in the best light.

Toughjobs gives you the option of not only having your own Wedding Website we also offer photographers and videographers for your special day.


Auto Repair Websites

Toughjobs Digital Marketing Specializes and Auto Repair Website design & Marketing for Shop owners who want to either catch up or fend off any attacks from new shop or hungry shop owners.


Auto Repair Websites

Toughjobs Digital Marketing Specializes and Auto Repair Website design & Marketing for Shop owners who want to either catch up or fend off any attacks from new shop or hungry shop owners.


Auto Body Websites

Auto Body Shops get a bad name. Toughjobs Web Design team can get your Body Shop off and running. Having a site that looks good but can actually drive traffic to your business is what its’ all about.


Attorney Websites

Law sites are difficult. It doesn’t help if your site isn’t esthetically pleasing. What makes a good law site is accurate data, answered questions, and a lot of backlinks from reputable businesses in your area. Toughjobs can do all of that and write some great legal articles with our staff lawyer.


Carpet Cleaning Design

Not happy with the number of calls your carpet cleaning company or house cleaning business is getting? Maybe you need a new website or better mayber your new website isn’t properly coded. Coding a website for customers is easy. Coding a business for Google is more difficult..


Day Spa & Wellness

Day Spa’s need men and women showing up to their door everyday. The best way to do that is with a website that will knock them off their feet. Your customers want to look good and your website should want to look good too.

Marketing 101:

Business Websites

Blue Collar: White Collar:
  • Medical
  • Physical Therapists
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Engineers
  • Software Development
  • Dentist
  • Orthodontists
  • Marketing Agency


Sacramento Web Developers


Our Sacramento based in-house professional web designers carefully craft your online presence with three goals in mind.

Offering website solutions, strategy for Blue Collar & White Collar Professions. Some of our Blue Collar: HVAC Plumbers, Contractors, Landscapers, Auto Mechanics, Body Shops, and more. Our White Collar department handles: Doctors, Lawyers, Clinics, Chiropractors, Accountants, and other Small Businesses. Our team consistently steers qualified traffic to your website. Then, we supplement with targeted content, visual graphics, online advertising strategies and e-Newsletter campaigns that you can reach your audience through a variety of channels. In this way, our websites become elegant, virtual showrooms: compelling inquiries and improving sales conversion, while reinforcing your brand identity and value proposition.

Toughjobs Digital Marketing, is a new generation in web design. We focus on your Market Strategy and inmplement a marketing campaign based on your goals. Only you know’s your business like you do but we are here to accentuate those ideas and market them for the greatest return of investment.

Marketing 101


Getting Noticed

Getting your business noticed is the first goal for any business. With Advertising, Logos, Slogans, etc? you will pull your customers in. Make sure that your marketing research aligns with your goals.

Get Noticed

Getting your business noticed is the first goal for any business. With Advertising, Logos, Slogans, etc? you will pull your customers in. Make sure that your marketing research aligns with your goals.

Invoke Emotion

Your customers are being desensitized by thousands of marketing pitches a day. It’s a marketers job to break through that defense and “invoke” an emotion towards your product. That action will either persuade or disuade your potential client from purchasing or trying your service out. If we did our homework your sales should go up!

Build Trust

People want to feel comfortable with their decisions and branding allows you to have the most bang for the buck. Of course you have to deliver excellent service in return. Building Trust will allow you to keep your customers after you have persuaded them to give your business a try.

Bring your website back to life

Website design plays a key role to any small company’s story, and more importantly, Toughjobs understands that importance because great website will take your story and make it a reality.

For a website to be successful you must consider your potential clients feelings and needs. But, once those are met you need to build trust and assurance that you will be able to supply that need. Sounds really easy, but if your business process fails in any way it will leave a negative impression on future clients.

Each time your business fails a client you take 50 steps backwards. Each time you have a success your business takes only 1 step forward. I know this sounds unfair but people more readibly recall negative occurrences than they do positive ones. Also, since you are in business you are expected to provide perfect service or a product.

How Cheap Websites Hurt You

Staffed with a team of experts who have more than 30 years of combined experience in web development, every website that we build is designed and programmed to be responsive to ensure the best user experience across every platform and device. We also design, develop and integrate e-commerce capabilities, customer portals and customized interactive features that make it easy for our clients to do business.

We can alter the system to be as flexible as our client needs and we pride ourselves on our ability to evaluate each situation and offer a custom solution. After all, every small business is unique, so there’s no excuse for cookie-cutter services.

Cheap Websites are affordable to make! Unfortunately, these are what we call “Business Card Websites”. They are only good if you are there to show someone your site first hand. The hardest part about providing digital marketing and website design to businesses is trying to explain the reason “Business Card Websites” don’t rank well. “We’ve had this website for 10 years and we are still ranking on the top page.”. This statement is the hardest to overcome for marketing companies. Not because the business owner is right but because the business owner is only 1% Right.

When you are checking your web rankings via your personal computer or from your business Google is going to show you the closest business selling your product. You will be directly on top of your listing. You better rank first in Google Map Pack or you aren’t properly signed up for Google Local and that’s an entirely different problem. Also, you will have to look at your website from “incognito mode” which you can find in your browser options; try “right clicking” or from some other online tool. If you have any problems or need help you can contact us during business hours. We have a WordPress Programmer available all the time for questions.?

Website Design & Website Redesign

Website creation can have it’s difficulties. It’s extremely important to understand what your goals are. “I want to make money!”, Of course this is all of our objectives but to understand that dilemma we first must know what your clients are asking for.

When we make your personal and custom website we are analyzing several hundred key factors before we actually start on the physical contruction of your site.

First,?we determine your budget. If you are looking for new images our photographers will need time to collect images. Clients will need to authorize the image choices and then we can proceed to production of the images.
Secondly, the keywords, words, sentences, and paragraphs have to all intertwine that explains your service in the shortest, yet most informative way.
Thirdly, we produce secondary media to the pages to keep your clients stimulated. Many times customers will come to a specific page looking for a specific item and leave with something that costs 10x as much. These “Up/Sells” are systematically placed within the site to grab the most attention and keep your potential client clicking and realizing how organized your company and service is.

Hard Coded / Backend Code

So what is the “Secret Sauce” in making your site a finely tuned Ferrari? Maybe we should say Tesla since they both run off of electricity. Either way “Back-End” programming is essential to how a website loads or doesn’t load efficiently.

  • Recently, Toughjobs had a client complaining that their website wasn’t very fast. We immediately took a look at the website and it was definitely slow. We could tell from initial observation that the page was too small to be so slow. We looked at the programming of the website and it showed rows and rows of data that wasn’t being used. So why was it there? Because the programmer was too lazy to clean up the code he didn’t use.
  • There are many programming languages as there is spoken languages. Good coders are good because they say what want the computer to do in code in as few “words” as possible. Less data means faster websites. Toughjobs tries to minimize the amount of code we put into all of our websites. We are versatile in page-builders and direct code modification for web design.
What’s Your CMS

What’s the Difference from using Content Managment System (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla (We only use WordPress) from just coding the entire site in html, css, js. The coded site will be faster but you have far too many negative factors out-weighing that.

  • First, and foremost is the lack of flexibility from 100% coded websites. Yes, WordPress sites have million things that need to come together to make the perfect sight but they allow the owner the mobility to change anything and everything at any given moment. Also, with a quick week long refresher class on YouTube you could be coding in over the weekend. Coded sites are going to cost you a programmer for $100 an hour to fix anything or add anything to your website.
  • According to 75 million websites are made with WordPress. You will have easy choices in choosing your Web Development Company?with those numbers.
  • Lastly, the only websites like this generally have a team of 50 employees to manage the website.
What’s Schema Markup

Schema Markup code is code placed all throughout your website that communicates directly to Google. It tells Google exactly what each parcel of code does and why it’s there: To inform, educate, organize, title, location, everything. The more your site has correctly labeled code the better. Also, when you have code on top of code it’s generally a better idea to set up Google Tag Manager to highlight this code off site rather than Google having to load it everytime it goes to your site, but that’s a whole new can of worms and we haven’t even discussed adding your analytics account so you can keep tabs on how well your site is physically doing.

All of this takes time and not to mention just setting up email accounts so you don’t have to use your old Yahoo Email address for your business. Nothing says professional more than replying to an email from [email protected],?or wondering who that is without their business name on it. It’s imperative that we also consider hosting options. You need a server to host your site too. You should also probably consider running a CDN to make your site load faster. CDN’s are Content Delivery Networks and have hubs located all over the world to disseminate your material to whomever’s closer to the hub.

So when your friend tells you he knows someone who will make you a $500 website…Know they mean well but they absolutely don’t understand the important factors to ranking. Tell them for me that Walmart uses Wix too. LOL

Affordable Pricing Plans

99.999% of all websites come from some source of copied structures or template.?Why re-develop the wheel when we have infinite images and colors to choose from. Toughjobs wants to give you the best looking website and have it all done for within one to four weeks, depending on size and quality of site. If you don’t want any backend programming necessary for your site to rank properly we could potentially have it done in a week. We would recommend against that because ranking is extremely important for you!? Right?

Toughjobs has 1000’s of templates to choose from. Are only request is that one template can’t be used in the same area, selling the same product/service. We don’t want to step on any toes and we also don’t want to tread on others’ hardwork. Having a Great Website means doing something different to attract your neighbors. We will be uploading our template generator on our site so you as a client will see first hand what your site will look like. Toughjobs has created many sites for our fine friends in the “White Collar” trades. Doctors, Lawyers, Medical Niches, Accountants, etc… Our owner was an ex-nurse so we do have extensive knowledge relating to the medical industry. Also, we do have a lawyer on staff who does our content for law practice websites. If you care to see any of those sights please ask. We will be happy to disclose the web addresses.

Currently, we have almost just completed our gallery of “Blue Collar” templates which will all be modified to your liking. You can find them at the link.

Check out our Free & Paid Plans

We offer some pretty GREAT packages for entrepreneurs are too busy to do everything themselves. If you want professional website designer and Digital Marketers we can help.

If you have extra time and want to do everything yourself. Yes, we have Consultant Packages in place to help you too. We tell businesses all the time that it’s important for owners have a pulse on all aspects of their business.

We’ve been doing this long enough to tell you that starting a business is not easy with a few thousand dollars of seed money. In fact, this is one thing you want to get right on the first attempt.

Why are we telling you are secrets? People come to Toughjobs they either need information or a service. Our goal is to provide you with all the information and help to make your business run smoothly.

Quick question? Is your Business Running You or are You Running your Business?(Great Article)

Instead of your business running you, you really need to take care of yourself first. Remember, if you “break-down”, EVERYTHING will break down. Only compiling matters for the worse.

Don’t worry Toughjobs knows that every job is difficult and our goal like we said before is to make your life a bit easier as a business owner or marketing manager.

Just remember us and feel free to contact us for all your business and marketing questions.