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Here is the “Transfer Code” for the domain: Avj5m-Zo96-B-Q2-

Here is the Download Link for the website Files: Website Files. I set up a Cloudflare Account so that you can use their free service that is hands down second to none, for free and fast.

The login is your email. The pw: Sdauto00! I just paid the annual fee of $9 to register the domain last month but you will be charged by the new registrar anywhere from $10-$20 if you do want to transfer it.

I’m not sure if you keep Cloudflare will they charge you again since they already are handling it so I notified them and CC’d you on the email as well. Most companies will charge you 12-20 a year to register domains with slower DNS speeds. Stay with Cloudflare if I were you. A bonus is they only charge $9 a year to register it.

Currently, your website is hosted with Namehero. I have it set up on their Turbo Cloud package but you could get away with their “Starter Cloud” for $9. This includes LightSpeed Server technology and it’s faster.  I have included your complete website files you can upload with WpVivid plugin to any WordPress Site.

Your website also has 2 performance plugins which cost me specifically: $49 and $10 per year to use: Wp Rocket and SEOpressPRO = $59  The hosting will cost you $9 per month = $120 a year. The hosting I had also came with a “Dedicated IP” which will cost an additional $40 to $70 per year. You are sharing mine now with 3 other of my accounts so I’m charging you $30 a year. Dedicated IP’s allow your site to be more secure and rank better, and are faster.

Here is what website maintenance costs from several articles I’ve found: “Their three main care plans are maintain, protect and perform.”

“These plans retail at $67 a month, $147 a month and $197 a month, respectively. These prices drop to an effective rate of $56 a month, $123 a month and $164 a month if you pay yearly. Additional plans are also available for those who have highly customized WordPress websites.” I just Google “WordPress Maintenance” and this is where I found those numbers: WordPress Maintenance. If I charged you a modest $20 a month to manage the site without incidentals you pay $240 per year.

I’m highlighting all of this because I would like for you to show it to James and ask him if I’m in any way being dishonest with charging your $500 last year to “maintain” website. I know you don’t understand this and I shouldn’t take it so personal, but it hurts my feelings when people I know think that I may be being dishonest.

Below is a proposal for SEO work that I sent to a customer last month. I wanted you to see the proposal that had the actual prices and costs involved. This was for an ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend so I gave him an awesome rate and guarantee.

FUTURE: During Covid I personally tutored under Chris Palmer who owns Chris Palmer Marketing. He is considered one of the up and coming experts on SEO and Google Local and has a leading SEO YouTube Channel. I’m saying this because I know what I’m doing. The total for what I spent on you last year was: $458 out the door. The profit on that was $42. Please compare that with an actual SEO Service like the one below. Ranking websites costs ALOT of money. Like I mentioned before West Automotive pays $400 a month for their rankings and he doesn’t even own his own site. He’s renting that site and will have to pay that for the rest of his life for it.

Your perception of your Brother’s rankings is wrong. I sent you the print out of how much traffic the website is getting and you still don’t believe me. A concept that is hard to understand is “CACHE.” Cache is what your computer does and Google does to make websites seem faster. What I mean is that Google wants to give you the best information in their Search Results so if you go and keep typing in Google thinks that that website is important to you and will rank that site higher based SOLELY on you browsing Google. Here is the what everybody else sees when you search for “El Cajon Auto Repair,”

The lesson learned from above is to stop typing in Sunshine URL from different computers including your’s.


 Requirements regarding implementation of Toughjobs Digital Marketing for mutual partnership.

  1. Create “Location” Landing Page for your city.
  2. Create 50-100 Citations (Name Address Phone) for location page.
  3. It would be helpful to also create a list of high Do-follow Backlinks (will supply)
  4. Will create content similar to original locations page


 The website is costing anywhere from 200 to 300 dollars per month. Allow me to show you how your current website is actually hurting your revenue.

  • The website’s site speed is close to 8 seconds and should be closer to 3 seconds. Anything over 3 seconds has the potential of losing 10% of clients each second they wait. Increased bounce rates will demote your site if there are better sites behind you.
  • The site’s architecture and menu have plenty of room for improvement.
  • Website has potential for more articles to help people with their upcoming move. As I mentioned your on page click rate was 0%, a percentage probably stemming from no landing page on your Adwords account. Landing Pages are a great way to adding “up-sells” to a page. Blankets, Boxes, etc…
  • Karla mentioned saving the website, but it’s honestly not worth spending $1000 on because you would be throwing away a minimum of $2000 each year.
  • By spending $2000 on a new website, you can eliminate a website that is not working currently and optimize a new website for the same keywords you advertising with on PPC. You can eliminate a majority of your PPC budget and minimize overhead.


 The website you have is only optimized for about 50 words. We can cauterize the money going out to Adwords and build on your backlink profile. The higher your backlink numbers, the higher your online rankings as long as they are credible and relevant links.

 Currently, your ranking is artificially higher with your huge PPC budget. To overcome this deficit, we will need to do citations, press releases, web 2.0 submissions, and various other methods. Cost $100 to $600, depending on if you open other markets.

  Location Landing Pages – I would build optimized landing pages for each location. Since you need this for larger cities, they will cost more and be more extensive in size than your typical city pages. Each page, on average, would cost $100-$300 for each high-ranking backlink and would need to purchase these links from the outside market. You generally need one for each “City Landing Page.” Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Decatur, Athens would cost anywhere from $500 to $800. I would give you the receipts, and you could deduct the costs.


 Your website is costing you substantial money and needs to be more efficient. I would build you a website you could use today and would be relevant for years to come. More importantly, the site would be optimized for local search, unlike your site now.

 I would require $1000 down and $2400 within 6 months of completion. If you want me to build on your website off-page ranking, I would suggest a $200 a month retainer, and I could add content and links each month for Huntsville and the other locations.


Regarding Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, I could set up a fake Google My Business location, and the traffic from the new pages should start to trickle in. It would be best if you farmed out the jobs until you have enough money to start running your own crews at those locations. Within 6 months you should be able to do this.

For preparation I would need to pay for the Better Business Bureau and a few other Business Citation organizations $300 a link to get those backlinks. I would imagine it would take only a couple of months before you start seeing some good traffic from those links, the new pages, and the high-end backlinks I will have purchased to make everything work smoothly.


If you feel that you didn’t get your money’s worth, you can keep the rest of your money. It will take at least 3 to 6 months for Google to index the new pages, and you should be able to either pull back on your Adwords spend or even double down. I’m here for any questions regarding anything we’ve spoke about.

Andrew G. Spinoso
Website Optimization

Toughjobs Digital Marketing

(707) 500-8684



What I learned from all of this is the importance of having contracts…with friends especially. From now on I’m going to include fixed prices with hours involved for each of my services I perform that way my clients can see how long each of these items takes. I would have loved to do it all for free but I’m sure Lena would have had something to say about that. 

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Many business owners think SEO is too expensive for them. But that’s not true – there are many affordable options out there! Read on to find out more about the different types of SEO services and how much they cost.”
The average cost of an effective, reputable SEO company can range from $500-$5000 per month.

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