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Small business are being chewed up and spit out. we need to come together so we are too big to be ingested. forming a partnership that will make our lives easier and more fulfilling.


I’m looking for partners who are interested in starting a Digital Marketing Business that is National / International / Locally positioned. I want to determine if you or your members would become a part of that link.

What I am proposing is to out-think Google by creating links naturally and organized. As we know, it’s incredibly difficult to rank respectively on Google. I’m suggesting we all align ourselves into a coop and form an impressive network that would be difficult for our competition to outrank.

Benefiting Everyone

  1. If each member could construct one article a month, or one video, or some backlink, or design a template, or design a program, etc… The number of links, backlinks, information, and organization to the site would be impressive to say the least.
  2. By establishing all of our talents in a collective organization, it would be easier to outsource those resources to proven leaders and experts.
  3. The ability to outsource cumbersome tasks to established offices in other countries. We could have our own trained employees overseen and managed to focus on our projects only.
  4. The ability to pool our monies together and necessary tools to bid for our business, cutting overhead by 15 to 20%. I’ve talked with SEMRush, and they were interested in working out a deal.
  5. We wouldn’t have to wonder if our outsourced task was completed correctly.
  6. We could offer to advertise to our customers with new websites with no initial authority to rank their site and seed company backlinks.

As we advance in this industry, it will only become harder. Computers and AI are cutting edge and eliminating many design and administrative jobs. It’s becoming necessary for us to stay ahead of the curve and preparing for the future. Automation software will be essential moving forward, mostly freeing up arduous tasks as freelancers/owners.All of this is possible if we work smarter and not harder.

Regardless if we agree with the future or not, we need to protect the things we have built today or be run-over like every other small business in this country.

I stress I’m not looking for employees but PARTNERS who understand what I’m saying. Partners who are willing to invest a minimal amount of energy towards a viable alternative to what we are chasing our tails with today. Our window of opportunity is closing, and we need to act now!

This is a link to my website and talks about me: Drew Downz.

Please contact me below with any questions or ideas to make this a reality for us.

Make a Change

let’s build something bigger and better

I definitely don’t have all the answers and don’t expect to provide them. I’m hoping that our creative and collective energy can create something better than one person or president. To know more about me: Drew Downz