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To increase local traffic to your business site, “Google My Business”, also know as “Google Local or GMB” is a trend that is vitally important for businesses that want to gain local traffic without spending tens of thousands for search engine optimization on their website. Yes, both SEO and Google Local can both be used together and synergistically, but Google Local is more specific towards your local neighborhood, where SEO is more specific towards ranking your website regionally and nationally.
Google wants to “fine-tune” their searches for those products or services that time or location is vital to your search: “24hr Emergency Plumber Near Me”. Some plumber on the other side of town is irrelevant and could cost you more money in damages to a time sensitive problem needing an immediate remedy.

Understanding GMB

Google My Business

How to find “Google My Business” business listings is easily done within Google Maps and also in the local results section of Google Search. This is often referred to as the “Map Pack or 3-Pack” because it generally includes the 3 closest businesses, or the websites with the most “domain authority” or local rankings, near your search. When potential clients search within a metro area, city area, or township with the name or nickname of that area in the search it helps to be closest to the center of these areas.


Adding a place to Google Maps seems a simple enough task, but requires a Business Profile to be set up. Going into Google’s GMB admin panel you will notice a completion percentage of how much work you will need to do to complete 100% of the information. The higher the better obviously. After you submit your new GMB Listing Google will need about a week to send you a postcard so you can confirm that you are definitely at the mailing address as reported. The postcard will include a code that you type into your telephone. With all this information Google will also confirm that your listing is not duplicate. After such, your Business Profile for that location will be listed on Google Maps. You still may not show up until you can show locally that you are a legitimate business in your community. There are many notions on how to bypass this and one that we recommend is by adding relative content to your Google My Business page (services or products). Also, it will definitely help if you petition old or present customers to leave reviews, comments, or images on your GMB page. Lastly, your site may be over-optimized or be included in the dreaded “Google Sandbox”.

A location that will not help your ranking until Google sees fit to release your website to the general public. Many of these websites are found to be overly optimized or suspected to be not important for the Google Public.


Ways For You to Use Google My Business Effectively?

It means that a Business Profile exists separately from a Google My Business account. And it doesn’t give you the ability to manipulate and manage the information in it even if you created your Business Profile or not.  In that situation, Google My Business is what you need. You can have access, customize, manage, and improve your Business Profile on Google for free with the use of your? Google My Business account.

Improve GMB Ranking

Increase GMB Ranking

There are many ways to improve your “Google My Business” ranking. Toughjobs likes to oversee their projects by first understanding who their clients are. Toughjobs realizes that not all owners have the time to implement Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, or Pay Per Click Campaigns, or just build relationships with other local businesses, but those are always the best ways to improve your ranking. If owners can learn one of those techniques you may easily save yourself and your company $100,000 over the lifespan of your company.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – Are you implementing Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, or other 3rd Party social or informative sites? Many business owners should be apart of many trade groups as possible. Not only does it give you valuable information from other business owners in your niche but it also has the ability to add and increase your “authority” in your industry. Those peers who participate Google will nod in your favor more often than not.

Many owners who are actually passionate about their trade will find praise and appreciation from their peers and in return higher ranking from Google. Remember Google knows who everybody is. When a plumber in Wisconsin give thanks and praise to another plumber in Florida Google will see this and increase your score. Keep in mind there are well over