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How To Start And Run a Digital Marketing Agency Business in 2020

Did you know that digital market spending is supposed to climb to $375 billion by 2021? If you’re looking to break into this promising field, you’ll want to learn how. More importantly, how are you going to stand out and how long it will take you to be profitable or successful?

How Efficient is your busines and process?

The hardest part of starting your own digital marketing agency is trying to eliminate all the waste and hiring the best employees that money can afford. When we started Toughjobs it was a joint idea from a graphic artist, web designer, videographer, and budding marketer. We knew that building any of these businesses on their own was a complete waste of time because there were 500 people to compete with that had similar businesses.

How do you compete with so many companies in an industry that is exponentially growing everyday? You put your heads together and offer a service/product that’s better, faster, reliable, and makes you money. Toughjobs redesigned everyone of our processes a thousand times over wanting everything to be perfect. In the digital age nothing becomes perfect because once it’s mastered the other team hits a homerun in the bottom of ninth with two out. 

99% of business owners feel cheated from Digital Marketers

Toughjobs wants you to become a licensee. The benefits of licensees are numerous. First, you are hitting the ground running. It’s easy to imagine if you have the link backing of a company spread across the U.S. and abroad. Your GMB (Google My Business Listing) will be one of many, thus making you relevant in the eyes of Google. You will be able to use enterprise software without worrying about how you are going to pay for it or if you are going to have enough customers to use the software.

Think of Toughjobs as a CoOp that pools it’s resources to become bigger, better, efficient, and highly organized to beat out every other Tom, Dick, and Harry budding freelancer trying to make a name for themselves. Toughjobs wants to streamline the process for you, us, and the business owner who’s biting his nails wondering how good of a product they are going to receive or if it will even work.

By pooling our resources we are essentially minimizing the risk, increasing the professionalism, elevating the quality of work, and solving problems at an upmost urgency through a vast network of dependable help.

Stop worrying about when the next paycheck comes for when one branch is overwhelmed we reach out on our network to spread the work. You are your own boss and Toughjobs is the “muscle” behind your business.  Join us and make our goals, and your goals a reality. We can do this together.

What will it cost me? Nothing! We need businesses to help us achieve this level of superiority. Without, your help we all fail. Let’s work together and untarnish the business and bring reality back to marketing Small and Medium sized businesses.

Final Words, we lied. We will ask something of you. One quality post regarding design or marketing once a month. Imagine the possibility of having 100 articles a month. The power of numbers is only possible with your help! Our clients biggest fears are security and professionalism. Erase both of those by joining something bigger!

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