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“Content is King, but marketing is Queen, and runs the household.” -Gary Vaynerchuk

Toughjobs Web Development is a full-service digital  web marketing agency based in Sacramento and has experienced professionals working throughout the United States.

We are well known within the marketing community for getting our hands dirty! We work with Blue-collar, White-collar, Mom & Pop Storefronts, and small corporations.  Helping buisness owners and marketers like yourself get that edge in their respective fields.

If your digital media and print marketing isn’t optimized it will impact your bottom line and cause yourself unneeded stress. Put your right foot forward and allow us to help you gain that necessary edge to tackle your market with intelligent and efficient business strategies.

We use proven marketing techniques: Intelligent Website Design, SEO (search engine optimization), Print Media, and establishing vital and effective Customer Relations.

Complete Marketing Analysis

It’s essential to get an overview of your current marketing health. One thing about marketing data is that it’s NEVER WRONG. Unfortunately, many Data Scientists all to often ask the wrong questions.

  • If your Lawyer who specializes in Real Estate Law or Probate Law and your website is targeting Criminal Law you won’t be successful
  • If you are a doctor who doesn’t take insurance and your office manager is declining 30 calls a day because of insurance that’s cutting in to your bottom line.
  • If you have an Auto Repair Shop and you can significantly increase your profit by doing more brake jobs than engine or transmission work why not advertise for brakes?All of these examples are to put you in the frame of mind to work smarter, safer, and more efficiently. Let your competitors chase their own tails.

Company Logo & Print Media

How are you representing yourself and your business to your clients? Yes, people call you back because of your service but how are they initially attracted to your company. Anybody who says beauty is on the inside doesn’t know the first thing about marketing. That old expression may be right but a better expression we like to use is, “Looks Attract, and Personality Keeps!”. You need to get your clients attention first and foremost! Once you have their attention you need to provide a valuable service.

Current Website Overview & Website Design or Redesign

How do your customers find you? According to Google data, 76% of people who search for something nearby on their smartphone visit a related business within a day and 28% of those searches result in a purchase. Since over 70% of businesses are being searched for via mobile phones and devices are you compliant? The next big thing is with Voice Search. Voice Recognition software is becoming extremely effective. Soon finger typing on a tiny keyboard will be a thing of the past. Google is focussing on Voice Search as the new trend. It will be imperative that your site is Voice Ready by the end of this year and your site should be Mobile Ready…like last year. Yes, your phone may be ringing now but why turn down business? More importantly, we want you to focus on your most profitable jobs. If you can turn away business that’s good. Start creating working minimums. Remember smaller jobs are less time consuming but are they more profitable?

SEO: Let Google know you are Open for business!

SEO is truly an art form. Thousands of web designers think they are performing SEO on your website because they purchased Yoast SEO as a plugin for your’s or their WordPress site. Yoast is great for beginners but it also slows down your website which is crucial for rankings. Secondly, it doesn’t rank the quality of your site. It only allows you to place keywords you think will drive business towards your website. For instance, Toughjobs could market our SEO Services across the world. How effective would that be? Well, I can show you specifically with our extremely expensive software that “SEO Company” has a KD (Keyword Difficulty of 62.33). That is saying that if your site doesn’t have the seniority, and/or significant visitors per month Google won’t put you on their first page. Keep in mind, Google also will look at your location and factor in those results as well, but you are basically non-existent.

But don’t start crying, because there’s always hope. What if we intelligently ranked our website for “Sacramento SEO” or “Sacramento SEO Expert” our chances significantly go up! Key point is to remember keyword stuffing will give your website a site penalty. Because of site penalties, it is essential to add “Semantically Related Words” (keywords that are synonyms of your keywords) to prevent obvious repetition and maintain a certain flow of your content.

PRO TIP: The largest fallacy with designing websites, “If you build it they will Come!”. Unfortunately, SEO doesn’t work at all like that. For example, if you are professional Lightweight boxer are you going to be successful fighting in the Heavyweight Division? Most likely not. What we mean is that all websites have a “weight division”, or Page Rank. Amazon, Google, Facebook, and YouTube are Goliaths! Their “punches” or marketing power is a major factor on how they rank. More people who try and rank for a particular keyword decreases the chances of other sites to rank respectively for it. How websites are ranked is a secretly guarded algorithm by Google based on a multitude of things determined by them for the purpose of making the information relative and pertinent. If Google doesn’t provide informative material the won’t be able to charge for their PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing) which you see on every Google Page.

Maximize Local Reach with Google Local SEO

What is Google Local Search? Google figured it out that when shoppers Googled business’ they usually went to the one within their local area. When you do a Google business search the Google Local 3-pack will populate the Google Adwords Advertisements. Also, these websites were considered by Google to be the most relevant to the shopper with distance being a priority.

Our Google Local Optimization Plan will optimize your “Google My Business” page so you will outrank your neighbors.This system relies heavily on your NAP Listing  “Name, Address, Phone Number”. Everywhere on the web where your address, phone number, and business name are located Google makes sure that all this information is accurate and consistent. This makes it essential to update this information if you move your business. We include this service with all of, our Sacramento SEO plans. We want to get the most customers in front of you.

Update your Social Media Platforms

Google has mentioned that “Social Likes”, Reviews, and “Social Sharing” will help your Google Organic ranking. Having a Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or Snapchat account is a smart way to get people interested in your business website. By having a broad approach to planting “seeds” throughout the internet shows Google that you are interested and concerned with your website’s presence. More importantly, 70% of social site followers are impacted by their online friends in regards to shopping and ques. Don’t be afraid to keep in touch with friends, but be careful to not get into sensitive discussions. Much can be lost in translation when typing short comments and quips. Keep it friendly and healthy.

Energize your profits with effective PPC Campaigns (Pay Per Click Marketing)

PPC MARKETING gets a bad wrap! Mostly because people are jealous that Google makes billions of dollars a year at the expense of many business owners who don’t have the time or money to understand how PPC can be effective. Business owners only remember the time when they tried PPC out and didn’t quite have their account settings correct and wasted $500 running ads 24 hours straight all over the U.S. for their local business.

One of the great advantages of PPC is that you can instantaneously supplement weak moments in your sales cycle where employees are sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Secondly, if you have special holidays or events coming up in your town you can up your exposure by piggybacking on these events.

For instance, we did a marketing campaign for San Diego Limo Company who wanted to rent their vehicles for Opening Day at the Del Mar Racetrack. We set up PPC ads and had all their vehicles rented with a week of ads. For this company to invest in optimizing a page that would only be valid for 3 months during race season would be a waste of money and distracting for visitors to their website.

You could use this approach with any National Holiday if you are in the hospitality industry. Additionally, if you are interested in keeping your budget low, picking out longtail keyword phrases might be a Godsend for your business. Long Tailed Keywords are exactly what they sound like. For example, “what is the best nightclub in Vegas on Sunday”. Surprisingly plenty of people type this out and the price for a Pay Per Click ad could be next to nothing. Why not do it? If your business’s average sale is $300 and you received 3 of these in a year, for a total cost of $5. Who wouldn’t do that? Last but not least PPC is AWESOME for pinpointing specific markets, let’s say you are having a special on hair coloring and you’ve found that women between the ages of 30 and 40 tip and pay the most. You could specifically pick out only those Google Account holders to advertise in a range of 5 miles of your location. If one click costs $5 and your complete package nets you $150. You will make around $75 after clicks that don’t materialize. Now $75 isn’t a great payout but what if that client comes back again and again? This works well for organizations who put their money where their mouth is and are confident in their product or service.

Keep your customers engaged with follow up Email Marketing Campaigns

The easiest part of marketing is to keep your happy clients on-board. Businesses spend way too much money finding new customers. In fact, some studies say that it costs 5 times as much to find new customers than it is to keep old ones. The worst thing any business could do is to not follow up with incentive programs for repeat and new customers.
Don’t be shy! Reaching out to a customer once a month or on their birthday will go a long way. There are many software packages today that will automate these once laborsome activities for pennies per client. Some businesses who like to blog will send out monthly newsletters reminding people to get their radiators checked for the upcoming Summer heat wave in Phoenix. If 3 people out of 1000 respond to it it’s a success for a $1000 job. More importantly, that customer who was putting off their radiator problem for months just had their radiator explode in the street next to a shop down the road from you. You may have just lost a customer because you didn’t care enough.

Stop working harder, start working smarter!

Every small business in this great country was started by a disgruntled American who had a passion to do their trade better than their previous “check-signer”. The Doctor was tired of his/her medical group. The Electrician, Plumber, or Landscaper was tired of getting the jobs their coworkers wouldn’t do. The Lawyer was tired of litigating backyard squabbles. Web Marketing and Development at the end of a day is a tool which YOU can use to go after the jobs you DESIRE the most, and increase your price per job and discard unneeded stress.

Optimizing your marketing is not about winning a game…it’s about winning with the least possible number of moves, and with the least amount of energy invested. Maximizing your time and energy. Question, is your company a high-efficiency electric car, or does your company burn gas like a 1978 Chevy Pick-Up half rusted out? Some statistics show that a successful small business in the course of a lifetime will have thrown away close to a million dollars in opportunities by not streamlining their business. Yes, money isn’t everything, but your piece of mind is worth twice that!  Retire knowing that you did everything right to bulletproof your business and ward off competitors. At the very least make sure there’s something left to pass on to your sons or daughters.  We live in a technology-driven business arena and if your business isn’t as successful as it was 20 years ago, or hasn’t made a modest growth than it’s essential that you revamp your business culture, strategy, and environment to stay current with your competitors. We tell our clients all the time if you just invest $100 – $2000 a month NOW you will save yourself $2000 to $10,000 a month in the future. Nine out of ten businesses don’t fail because of a lack of effort or motivation but because they never had the right information to make their jobs easier and so they have more time for the important work.

Toughjobs Web Marketing is about utilizing the digital information that is out there and exploring cutting-trend ideas for your specific industry. If you are operating your own Day Care, are you providing access to live footage for parents to check up on their kids? If you are a Dentist, are you invested in Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns for Invisalign, braces, or teeth whitening? If you are a lawyer is your website optimized for the specific keywords that are similar to your websites page rank. If you own an Automotive Body Shop or Auto Repair Business are you vacuuming out your customer’s car and spraying deodorizer before returning their vehicles? If you are a Physical Therapist have you called your new patient after 24hrs and ask them how they are feeling? As a business owner, you must wear many hats. Toughjobs wants to show you how to simplify your duties and free up your time so you can be the leader your employees and customers want you to be.

Toughjobs Marketing strives to make marketing publicly effective and accessible to everyone. We love what we do, and we want to share our passion, expertise, creativity, and sense of humor to support the missions of our clients. We want to be a catalyst for innovation and help create vibrant business leaders in our communities for the future.

What you will receive from us is our respect, our undivided attention, our desire to completely understand you, your customer, and your goals. With this knowledge, we pledge to be your business partner today and into the future. Please reach out to us so we may answer all your marketing questions.


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